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Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

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My main grouse is our local VIP with polis escorts passing the busy Bukit Bintang during peak hours with the sirens blasting along the way.
And this happens everyday. I repeat my remark here..Every Single DAY.
We have thousands of hotel rooms here as well as people living here.
Can't our local VIP with their escorts shows some respect to residents and to visitors resting inside their hotel room?
It is time to ask the polis to scale down their outriders and to limit usage of sirens.
just by using 2 outriders and an escort car will be more than sufficient.
whats the need to rush and many polis outriders and 3 polis vehicles involves a VIP to dinner functions?
The matter is made worse during peak road traffic hours.
Our local VIPs really dont have any decency at all.
Without a sense of humbleness and loves to waste limited resources
To us , we calls such acts as showoff.

It is okay if rushing such VIps to the hospital to saves their own live.

Tanya said...

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Anonymous said...

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