Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jalan Alor Illegal Extension Cases

DBKL given notice that all Jalan Alor Illegal Extension will be demolish on 7th April.

However, YB Fong already met up Pengarah of Jabatan Perancang Bandar, Tuan Mahadi promised that to hold this action and have a meeting with Jalan Alor traders and hawkers.

YB Fong already formed up a committee to represent Jalan Alor to meeting with DBKL discuss various problems that included illegal extension, license and also cleaniness.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is hard to take sides on this one.
dbkl said it is illegal and the business owners said business is going down.
The dbkl mobile office is parked right next to the BB KFC and took up precious parking bays and yet rubbish is everywhere , drug addicts are everywhere , illegal parking are everywhere , jaga keretas are everywhere, junkies sleeping in the Ain Arabia . Nothing being done and they wanted to demolish "illegal canopies and extensions".

Most important is the safety of people/pedestrians/tourist eating or walking along jalan Alor.
As tables and chairs are placed onto the road. This is very dangerous as BB have many pubs , bars and drugs available. One fine day some intoxicated driver/motorcylist/mat rempits high from sniffing glue will crashes in.

Terence Lee said...

dear khun pana,

thx for you opinios.

we will try to talk with DBKL all matters happening in Jalan Alor.

regarding the illegal extension, we will try to make it legalize and open for all hawkers and business owners to apply.

Other problems we also will discuss wuth DBKL is the license problem, hygen problem, and also table and chairs put on road side problem.

once the meeting have a result, i will post it on here.