Monday, January 28, 2008



DAP Bukit Bintang

日期Tarikh:29/1/2008 (星期二)

时间Masa:7.30 pm免费入场,欢迎乐捐



林冠英 Lim Guan Eng
民主行动党秘书长 DAP Secretary-General

方贵伦 Fong Kui Lun
民主行动党全国财政 兼 武吉免登区国会议员 DAP Nasional Treasurer / MP for Bukit Bintang

刘镇东 Liew Chin Tong
民主行动党秘书长选举策略顾问Election Strategy Advisor to DAP Secretary-General

黄进发 Wong Chin Fatt
维护媒体独立撰稿人联盟主席WAMI Chairman

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freedom said...

Voon Lee Shan is morally corrupt!

One of the few remaining mission schools in Sarawak, St Martin primary school in Muara Tuang, will likely shut down for good. Last November, it was sent an eviction notice from the five-hectare plot of land it occupies.

State Education Director Dr Julaihi Bujang said the 313 pupils in the largely Iban village have been transferred to Sekolah Kebangsaan Muara Tuang, SK Barangan and few other schools in the nearby the Semarahan district.

The trouble started last April, when the landowner Millah Kitat, through her legal counsel Voon Lee Shan, issued a letter giving the Anglican mission that runs the school an ultimatum: Buy the whole 12ha parcel of land on which the school stands or move out within a week.

Millah owns the land under Native Customary Rights (NCR).

When the school failed to move out within the deadline Voon, the DAP state assemblyman for Batu Lintang, served another legal letter demanding RM700,000 compensation within a week, claiming the school had trespassed on Millah's land.
To avoid further legal complications, the state Education Department ordered the school shut.

"The previous land owner Lian Teetat Emparu had divided the land for the Anglican mission to build the school but it was not legalised,” said Julaihi.

"There were some agreements drawn up by the late Emparu. The ‘agreement’ stated that the land would be ‘free of charge’, and the heir or heirs would not develop that portion of land alienated for the school," he said.

Since the agreement was not legalised, it became a point of dispute with Millah, Emparu's daughter, who inherited the land when he died.

"The legal summons issued to us is still on going. The landowner and her legal counsel did not give us much time to negotiate, and there is no way the education department of the mission can come up with the RM700,000 within seven days of the issuance of the letter, dated October 23, 3007," Julaihi said.

The state Education Department, meanwhile, has identified a piece of land near the old school and they have proposed to purchase it.

Julaihi said they are still waiting for the Education Ministry's approval, and this will take some time.

"It will take some time to pay the compensation demanded by the landowner, and it will definitely take more time to purchase land and build a school," he said.