Monday, March 3, 2008

"It's Better To Light Up The Candle, Then Cursing the Darkness"

Come Out To Vote For Bukit Bintang

To all my fellow countrymen, friends and supporters of Bukit Bintang residents, It is time to make a choice, "THE CHOICE IS IN YOUR HAND". The Future and the destiny of the country is decided by your vote, CHOOSE WISELY! CHOOSE DAP! THE STRONGER VOICE FOR OPPOSITION means THE STRONGER VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!

A leader must be brave and willing to sacrifice for the people. Speak out their problems and do his Best to solve it!

Mr Fong Kui Lun have the 8 years good track records to show. The high number of postal vote (5540 votes) in Bukit Bintang show that Barisan National desperately wanted to capture opposition stronghold consituency.

High crime rate, Inflation, DBKL Problems, Congestion Pricing (Cadangan Levi Kenderaan Masuk Bandar), Independent Judiciary Problems, Demolition of Indian Temples and racist remarks by BN make the Malaysia people feel angry!

Don't abeit the UMNO control MCA, MIC System! The welfare of the poor is not well taken CARE. It's a high time we, the residents of Bukit Bintang to teach BN MCA MIC a lesson for being a bodyguard of UMNO! Failure to voice out for the Chinese, Indians and Malays.

After 50 years of independence, we must really do something. Is it better to be a lion than to be a sheep. Vote for a stronger voice for the people, vote for DAP!

Time To Stand Up! Vote For DAP, Vote For Mr. Fong Kui Lun, Vote For A Better Bukit Bintang Residents and KL Future!

Bukit Bintang Residents, Sam
From Hang Tuah Flat
With Love And care For The Community of Bukit Bintang


johanssm said...

Malaysian folks need to be enlighten and be more educated to understand the whole meaning of freedom in a democracy country.
They need to know and understand as to why we must boycott and kicks out bn.Or at least to teach bn NOT to be overly arrogant in dealings with the public and citizens.

Citizens and voters of the BB constituency, do understand and gives out your support to Barisan Rakyat ( DAP / KeADilan and PAS as well.)While DAP is not working in hand with PAS, but the understand of denying bn 2/3 majority is much meaningful this time.

bn already screwed all of us, please learn the lesson well..DONT let bn screws us again.abdullah might appears to be good , but 4 years have come and gone. Even a simple IPCMC cant be in place.
Please show bn the EXIT door.

Thank you
And best wishes to Tuan Fong KL and all DAP well wishers.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how & which party other will vote or on what basis that party will be voted.

For myself - the mission is clear - try to deny BN 2/3 majority - Reason being - more people voice in the Parliment, to act as our 'QC' and most important - deny the BN feeling superiority over the people welfare & rights.

So cheers... have a clear mission and I assure you will vote wisely.

Also please do 'pangkah' betul-betul .. don't end up having a wisely choice but a spoilt vote.

HAPPY VOTING.. Cheers Mr Fung


Anonymous said...

i will give me vote to you..Mr. Fong...:P

Anonymous said...


nick m said...

YB Fong Kui Lun,
I'm registered in your constituency. You have my vote. Good luck.

Nicholas Mun
Taman Seputeh

Anonymous said...

I've been getting a lot of e-mails about this 2/3 majority. according to one e-mail, to amend the constitution a 2/3 majority is required. So if BN has 2/3 majority they can make a lot of changes.

Singapore it seems has amended their constitutions 4 times and USA in all their 5 centuries of existence have amended their
constitution 27 times. Since 1957, BN has amended the Malaysian Constitution a total of 690

I don't know how true this information is, but if it is, then I hope the changes were good for the country and not just good for some.

Anonymous said...

I am a registered voter in BB for the past few elections and has always voted DAP as I believe in a strong opposition in Parliment. My vote will again goes to DAP. DAP has being doing a good job and deserved my support. Continue to keep up with the good work and we will always give you our vote and support.

Anonymous said...

i working in penang but i'll come back to BB to vote..dun worry, whole family members and me are long time DAP supporter at BB.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Fong,

Me and my family members will definitely vote for you. I hope the others will do the same also..coz the Animal Lee is not a good guy, cheated public fund..beat his wife!!!
Let's support DAP

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Fong Kui Lun,

My mother (>60years old) never vote before and this is her 1st time voting and you have her vote. Too bad I'm not registered under your constituency or else you have 2 votes from us.



Anonymous said...

They sent our money to space last year, Rocket is time to send them to space!

Khun Pana said...


Cheers for DAP and Tuan Fong KL !

Tuan Fong , we the residents and voters from Bukit Bintang given you the full blessings to fight for freedom and justice on behalf of all Malaysians.
I have only one sigle request.
That is to have local elections for the position of town/city major or Datuk Bandar.
Please fight for the THIRD vote.As it is their job to keep the city clean.

Thank you and Congratulations to all DAP , KeAdilan and PAS members, voters, supporters , kind contributions during the election and all untiring party workers for making this general election a big success and this day is a big history in this country !
-message from Khun Pana

Anonymous said...

Mr Fong,
Well Done and congratulations. Am extremely happy that the people's power results in DAP in FT wins so big as compared to last election.

Fully agrees with Mr Khun Pana that the City Major be elected and not appointed. Team up with the Barisan Rakyat MPs and go for it.

BB Voter.

Anonymous said...

Despite supporting you people in DAP, please DO NOT let PAS be the ruling Menteri in Perak! You guys are traitors! How can we trust you? You guys are worst than BN. Should had voted for BN! We are fools indeed to trust you!