Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the voters of Bukit Bintang Constituency for supporting DAP all the way.

We are humble of this victory. DAP Bukit Bintang will continue to work harder to serve the people better. The COURAGE & DETERMINATION of the people to vote for opposition shows KL want a better future.

We will demand for a better and efficient DBKL. We also want a local goverment elections for the KL people to be revived.

A victory for Malaysians.


Fong Kui Lun

Thank you!
to the 76.64% residents of Bukit Bintang
for voting DAP.


Anonymous said...


Please drop your title YB. It is so ancient and patronizing. Respect for you comes when people recognize you for your good work and aproachableness. Not title.

For the sake of this fragile victory, drop this is title and start developing your plan and vision for your constituency and Wilayah Persekutuan KL, Putrajaya, and Labuan together with your other partners.

People already know you are working with PAS,so better have a plan on how to communicate this issue to your constituency lest you be punished the next round as previously happened in Penang.

Also please consider your succession plan for your constituency so that DAP can continue to be in the good book of the people of Bukit Bintang.

As far as your area is concerned, the Chinese there are simply chauvinistic. Prove that Chinese can work towards a Malaysian society for all races and not to pass prejudice on other races.

Please consider how to improve Pudu market area for the good of the people. Float an idea to them and let discuss, debate, and have their own say in improving that area. It is terrible to car going into their area, full of potholes. Until Local Council election is restored in KL, that would be your job already. Empower the traders around the area to decide what is going to be good for their business. I say this because I mistaken drove my car around the area in search of a parking bay one early morning and to my horror, the potholes were shocking and terrible on my car. I'm refering to the Pudu Market area.

Thank you and wishing you every success in your role as MP.

Benkaiser said...

The people of Bukit Bintang have spoken. We want BN out because MPs have to beg local councils to do their job.

Get to the ground and ask the residents, Mr. Anonymous. Tell your concerns directly to YB Fong and don't hide.

Augustinian Successor said...

Yes, yes, the Chinese of Bukit Bintang are not chauvinistic. It is UMNO who is racist, DBKL is racist and so on. The Chinese of Bukit Bintang, though are marginalised, deprived, discriminated, etc. are as Sdr. Fong says, bold, resolute and courageous! I know, I was with them on nomination day, alongside the Indian and Malays compatriots. I predicted that Sdr. Fong will not only win but increase his majority as well, because he has the solid support of all the communities there.

I told Uncle Letchumanan, who stood faithfully to guard the Operations Centre when I arrived there early in the morning on nomination day that the hawkers, small-time businessmen, shopkeepers, self-employed, labourers, etc. of Bukit Bintang, they are the unsung heroes, though silent majority they be, but they are courageous for standing up against UMNO time and time again. I salute you, Bukit Bintang, for once again voting and supporting the DAP! May God the Father Almighty through His Only-Begotten Son in the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from Both bless and defend the people of Bukit Bintang from the onslaught of UMNO.

I salute Sdr. Fong for his dedication and commitment. I salute Sdr. Kuan Perk Siong for his unstinting contribution to DAP Bukit Bintang. I salute Sdr. Yu Keong, and all who stood against UMNO-BN.

Keep up the good work, and may the struggle for do the right thing, the engage in a noble, just and righteous cause continue!

Thank you o people of Bukit Bintang, the inner city Chinese, the Indians of Raja Laut, Brickfields, urban poor Malays, etc., etc. for voting and supporting DAP!

76 percent voted for DAP! Imagine DAP! 14000 plus plus majority represents a seven-fold increase for Sdr. Fong, our National Treasurer.

Majulah DAP! Majulah Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

YB or without the YB is immaterial.It is just an honorific title use in the compound of Parliament and official letters.

"fragile" victory is best to describe the other party-bn lah.

Only those who never bothered to attend Mr.Fong's speeches and meetings will have no idea of BB blueprint.

As for working with PAS , i as one of the thousands of BB voters have no qualms about this issue.This further reinforce that DAP is very open minded.
Its already proven that residents in KL are not chauvinist.This explains why Barisan Rakyat candidates is multi racial.Anyway we all Malaysian wanna throws away racial terms.Unless one is still a umnoputra supporters, then this is the wrong blog for you to comment.
We dont tolerate racist here.

If one is so concerned about potholes and dirty Jalan Pasar wet market please kicks out the Datuk Bandar.That is his job.

Tuan Fong KL and all Barisan Rakyat have a clear message .
Let them do what they need to do.

*** nobody can be 100% satisfy,but if all of us works together , then it is workable.
potholes is just another mundane issue .
better issue is to fight corruption and ask for the original IPCMC.

Thank you and regards.
-message from Khun Pana

Damocles said...

Congrats to you for winning the seat for Bukit Bintang again.
You have done very well despite of the 5,000 postal votes given to the BN candidate!