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Augustinian Successor said...

Thank you for Sdr Fong and DAP Bukit Bintang, including Haji Azhaari for continuing to fight for the people of Bukit Bintang. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for continuing to stand up for the rights of the inner city Chinese, struggling for their welfare, defend their rights, etc.

Thank you for fighting for all races - the urban poor Malays, the working class Malays, the Indians.

Hidup Malaysian Malaysia! Majulah DAP! Majulah Malaysia!

Augustinian Successor said...

Report – Nomination Day (24 February 2008)

Constituency: Bukit Bintang Parlimentary seat

• There were an estimated 120-150 members and supporters. Vast majority were in DAP (YB Fong Kui Lun) campaign t-shirts.
• It is interesting to note that 30-35 percent of the crowd were non-Chinese! There was a solid contingent of Indians from Raja Laut. Their presence is attributed, in the words of the leader, to the HINDRAF phenomenon. The other Indians were individuals, presumably long-time supporters. I also saw two Indian Muslims (Malay-speaking): one elderly lady in tudung, and one young man.
• There were many Malays who came in ‘full force’ to demonstrate their strong support for YB Fong Kui Lun as the candidate for Bukit Bintang and the DAP. One of the them took on the role as a cheerleader. Slogans such as Maju DAP!, Hidup Roket!, Mara DAP!, Undur BN!, Hancur BN!, etc. were hurled at the opposing side.
• The venue for the gathering was at Victoria Institution (VI). By 8.30 am, we reached the school from Lorong Brunei (which is the location for the office and service centre for YB Fong), just a kilometre’s walk. Along the way, many of the motorists, including taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc. who cheered us were Malays.
• Interestingly, the Malays who joined the DAP contingent were trans-generational, although clearly marked by class. There were Malay supporters of all ages and genders. All of the Malay women wore tudung. There was a Malay elder who wore a skull-cap and his name is Haji Azhaari, who is actually a long-time Party worker. I overheard another Malay (middle-aged) who claimed he was an ex-Umno member. I strongly suspect he is a contractor, by the way he spoke about contracts being dished out to cronies, and the fact that he drove a Toyota Vios? Altis?. He came with his two young sons.
• There were also Malay youths, but not Mat Rempit. In fact, the Mat Rempit draped themselves in BN component party flags. There were no UMNO and MCA flags! It is an irony since MCA is contesting in Bukit Bintang. I only saw mainly young men from the BN contingent, vast majority of whom are Malays. It is highly likely that these are imports, from outside! The only token Chinese presence was men in party uniform, and these were middle-aged men who look like they are local party bosses.
• The situation reveals that inner-city Malays have more in common with inner-city Chinese, than their so-called compatriots. In other words, this election reveals a political cleavage in the society where class struggle is the dominant determinant for voting patterns. The issues which concerned the inner-city Malays are inflationary pressures on the cost of living, corruption, cronyism, broken promises by Prime Minister, inefficiency of DBKL, etc. These Malays though not urban savvy, are nonetheless well-informed about current issues. They are very open about aligning themselves with issues that the middle and lower class urban Chinese are traditionally concerned about. In short, the inner-city Malays speak the same language as their fellow Malaysian Chinese in the urban areas.
• Therefore, when discussing about the urban Malays, there should be an awareness of the differences in attitude between the urban poor and the middle-class.
• Many of urban poor, who were represented in the DAP nomination day contingent were ex-slum dwellers or squatters (bekas penduduk setinggan). YB Fong had fought hard on their behalf to secure alternative housing for them.
• Many of the Chinese supporters, except members, were also from the inner-city, i.e. hawkers, self-employed, small businessmen, etc. The young adults who came were idealists!
• The Indians were also from the inner-city, irrespective of group. The HINDRAF phenomenon has galvanised these Indians into political activism through the Opposition, particularly the DAP. They have been emboldened to voice their frustration, disappointment, etc. against the BN Government.
• Despite the claim by the Leader of the Opposition, YB Lim Kit Siang that 6000 postal votes have been surreptitiously transferred to Bukit Bintang, there is a likelihood that the DAP will not only win again, but increase its majority. There is no doubt that the DAP has the solid support of all the communities there

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, congratulation for continue to serve all nation especially in Parliment Bukit Bintang.... after i read news on net associate with the pm commnent on Mr. Lim Guan Eng... which stated :
“Saya ingin bertanya kepada DAP, kaum manakah yang telah menjadi lebih miskin kerana DEB."

i have some answer which may reply back to this statement..

It is sound as:
Adakah matlamat DEB telah tercapai setelah sekian lama ia dilaksanakan? seperti yang dinyatakan DEB sepatutnya sudah dihentikan pada 1990... tetapi masih diteruskan... Masa itu, mungkin jurang perbezaan masih ketara.....tetapi.. Pada masa kini iaitu tahun 2008, adakah Matlamat DEB sudah tercapai? Sekiranya jawapan ialah Ya, kenapa masih diteruskan sekiranya DEB menunjukkan keberatan pada suatu pihak/ satu kaum dan ia tlah selesai tujuannya untuk merapatkan jurang antara kaum.... Sekiranya matlamat DEB tidak tercapai, kenapa ia masih diteruskan sehingga kini, adakah ini melucukan.... bagi sebuah negara yang sedang membangun menjalankan Dasar Ekonomi yang tidak mendatangkan faedah.....

Anonymous said...

Hope my voice can help develop a more stable country which i ove the most....

I love Malaysia.... But do Malaysia love me?

Malaysia For Malaysian.....

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to YB Fong on your recent victory in the general election! May YB and your team continue to keep up the good work that you have been doing to serve the people of Bukit Bintang! Thank you very much for your good job and hard work.

ting sing said...

YB Fong, I am eager to know about the KL action plan (ie. what changes can be expected in KL within the next 4 to 5 years) since the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition has won 10 out 11 seats.

Anonymous said...

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