Friday, July 31, 2009

Report rejected so stop-work order stays

KUALA LUMPUR City Hall has rejected the consultant’s report submitted by the developer of the seven-storey garment warehouse in Jalan San Peng near the location of the cave-in that happened on Saturday because it was not detailed enough.Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail said it was unacceptable that no reason was given as to the cause of the Saturday cave-in.

“All we have now are speculations of what transpired at the site. Some say a burst pipe was the reason that resulted in water pressure increasing and there is also talk that the contiguous bored pile broke.“If we can’t identify the problem, then how can we fix it?” Fuad asked.

“I will not accept this report and, until I get details as to what happened that day, the stop-work order stays,” he added.The mayor added that the developer had been given 10 days to come up with a more detailed report and specifics as to what happened as well as offer solutions to rectify the problem.Fuad stressed that City Hall would not compromise on the safety of the residents.

“We want data on soil movements not just at the project site but also the entire area,” he said.“The developer gave a guarantee that the area is safe, but I cannot accept that when people’s live are at risk,” Fuad said.

The mayor also said City Hall had hired an independent engineering consultant to study the possibilities of what had caused the cave-in.Fuad added that instruments such as the inclinometer and piezometer would be placed throughout the area to study the impact of soil movements.

Meanwhile, project developer Kenanga Wholesale City Sdn Bhd said it would adhere to the mayor’s request and provide a more detailed report.“We fully support and understand his concerns as public safety is our priority, too,” Kenanga Wholesale City managing director Bernard Bong said.“There is no issue here and a detailed report will be submitted as soon as possible,” Bong added


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Fuad seems to be stern.
Which is good and it is the correct way to have a conclusive detailed report and to have effective remedy to the issue.
Or is it because the Bandaraya Flats are too nearby and therefore Fuad have no other choices but to be stern on this.

However, i am not writing in to pick on him . But Fuad really have to comes out to Jalan Alor at night and to see for himself exactly what his Bandaraya boys are doing. The whole bunch are just sitting and chatting away.
Last month no business owners dares to place tables and chairs on the road.
But this month, tables and chairs occupies half of the road!
Do we really need a drunk driver or a mat Rempit high on drugs to ram his car or bike into tourist dinning there in order to take action?
I hope not.

Only 2-3 of his boys are doing a good job preventing cars from stopping in front of BB Plaza.

Tuan Fong, if you have the time to meet up with Fuad. Please ask him if the arab garden no need to be lighted anymore?
Thank You.


Yb i dont know you still remember me or not. ( mawong ) catman bukit bintang. we know sinse reformasi.i really need to me you yb ,to discuse few thing about bukit bintang since i olso cari makan there under your parliment.and you are my leaders. please fill free to call me at 019 2504242 or 012 6194747. i will come to meet you.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Tuan Fong , your blog is very effective.
Not more than 24 hours after i wrote in here .
The dbkl lighted up the arab garden yesterday at 7pm.

Now i am wondering will they the authorities chase away those jaga kereta.

Sec. For YB Fong said...

Khun Pana> is ok, but the Jalan Bedara lights is still with problems.

Jamil> i will get u soon.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Not only that the Jalan Bedera's streetlights are out of action.
The lights for the ain arabia garden are all out of action again.
Lights for ain arabia garden worked for 2 nights ONLY.

I am not sure if fixing up street lights requires PhD qualifications nowadays.
Or the street lights are so high tech that makes it difficult to maintain and to repair
I am already getting sick and tired making public complains to the dbkl.

Wawasan2020 and 1Malaysia are just a big joke to Malaysians and tourist.

Sec. For YB Fong said...

We also called DBKL Jabatan Kerja Awam many times but they didn't do their job. We will try to write-in for them.

live3054 said...