Monday, September 7, 2009

New signboard to point out the right way

AN additional signboard would be put up near the Kg Pandan roundabout to guide motorists from Jalan Sg Besi/Jln Tun Razak and Jalan Pasar who want to turn left into Jalan Sultan Ismail.
This is following numerous complaints by motorists that they have been frequently issued summonses by the police waiting down the road as soon as they turned left into Jalan Sultan Ismail after the traffic lights at the roundabout.

The motorists said they were only following the existing signboard that was put up over a year ago at the traffic light junction near the roundabout with an arrow pointing that they could make the left turn.

Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun said his service centre has been receiving many complaints over this matter.

“The policemen would be stationed there during lunch time to issue the summonses,” said Fong during a visit to the area.

Misleading: Motorists are not allowed to make a left turn to get into Jln Sultan Ismail here but the arrow on the signboard says otherwise.

“The signboard is misleading. Also, the road design here is not so practical as motorists from Jalan Sg Besi who want to head towards Jalan Sultan Ismail need to make a big turn at the roundabout, passing through five sets of traffic lights.”

The summonses, he said, were issued as the police wanted to prevent cars from criss-crossing and causing danger to others since double-lines have also been drawn on the road.

Fong said although there is a left lane for vehicles to make the left turn, motorists from the right lanes would not be able to inch their way in time to this lane due to the short stretch.

Also present was the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) urban transportation department deputy-director Abdul Hamid Surip.

Fong had suggested that the arrow on the existing signboard be changed from left to point straight so as not to mislead drivers. However, it is learnt that the signboard will remain but the double lines erased and replaced with dotted lines that allow motorists to turn left.

The Star



Do the the jobs. no need to put photo or telling story. rakyat now know how to judge. .love publicity is it.

Chris Kooi Wei Kit 郭韦杰 said...

If no publicity, rakyat won't know.YB, i kena saman exactly on the road in your post. The police purposely waiting there and want to saman me. They even ask me for duit rasuah, but i didnt give. Then they let me go. I dont know how many victim there in a day. Please take action faster and don't let the police take any chance rasuah.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Glad this issue is resolved.
Many motorist was penalized by this silly "technical" mistake.

I dont think this is categorized as publicity.
Publicity is more like giving out free goodies such as ang pows , hampers , kain pelikat and joining the Shah Alam cow head issue.
Glad that this blog stayed away from those issue and concentrates just on BB.

This is more towards public information regarding both the motorist and road planning , many motorist were caught unaware when stopped by the traffic police and the general patrol cars along that road.

Even as resident , I really had confusing times each time i enter this new "kampung Pandan roundabout" .

And yes, dont give any "kopi O" to the polis or they will "work harder" waiting at that place.

*General security feedback for sultan Ismail road and BB walk -
overall looks peaceful even on a Saturday night.
Without the usual mat rempits and drunk teenagers hanging around.
There are still some drug addicts and glue sniffers but it is a big drop if compares to 3 weeks ago.
Pimps are still business as usual.
Congratulates to Ku Chin Wah, at least he is doing something.
But , he better advise his polis to set a good example by obeying traffic rules especially on one way streets and NOT to park their motorbikes onto the garden.
I am sure Ku reads this, no need to comment in his

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Bad news.(for some )

ramadan stalls located behind the shops and houses of Beremi are now losing business.Business was good only for 3 days ,plus it rains and more rains.

Today, almost half of the tents are removed.
Hiding behind a lane is definitely a bad choice.
Hopefully dbkl will select a better location next year.
Parking space is important too.
As each stall owners came with trucks and vans
Proper planning and feed backs are important but planning is what the dbkl dont have.

The dbkl tents are NOT anchored to the ground .
This is very dangerous during strong winds. 2 tents were blown 5 meters away at 2am .
Luckily no vehicles was damage.

Anonymous said...

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Ini adalah posting saya yang terakhir sebelum 16.September.2009. Tiada sebarang posting akan dikeluarkan pada 14/15/16 Sept. Posting seterusnya pada jam 12.00 tengahari , 17.Sept.2009. Kerana saya banyak kerja-kerja lain yang perlu dilakukan. Command centre kami juga bakal ditutup pada 16.Sept.2009 , kerana misi sudah menghampiri kejayaan.

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the site is:

Thnx, ImikeSpoimi

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